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DIY, High Schoolers, and EHS collaborating to protect Waller Creek.

For almost two years now the DIY Diagnostics Research Stream has been monitoring Waller Creek along campus in the lookout for bacterial hotspots and attempting to identify the sources of these. I had the opportunity of joining the DIY Diagnostics Stream in 2014 and have been one of the Waller… read more 

Benjamin Yang

December 5, 2014 – List of Working Projects for Fall 2014 and Concluding Remarks The purpose of this post is to simply state what projects I have been working on during the semester. I focused nearly all my efforts into my independent project, the rapid urine test strip reader app.… read more 


Walking into my freshman year at UT I had mixed emotions about beginning my involvement with a research lab. I had been wanting to conduct scientific research ever since high school and now that I was the allotted the opportunity to be a contributing factor I was extremely excited yet… read more 

Developing a Diagnostic for Alzheimer’s

The DIY Diagnostics stream is a conglomeration of hands on science, chemistry, computer science, and engineering. So basically, any project that came to mind could’ve been made possible. I am most excited about the electronic projects because they use science concepts as backgrounds for their projects, but they’re using more… read more 

Why DIY Diagnostics is AMAZING

Making the change from a high school of 800 students to a university of 40,000 undergraduates was one of most difficult transitions of my life so far. At first, I was not only daunted of the classes I have to take for my major, Biochemistry, but also by Freshmen Research… read more 

New Experience, Collaboration, and Impact on Diagnostics

As a pre-medical student, when choosing a Freshman Research Initiative stream, I was looking for a new experience where I could pursue personal growth but also partake in research related to medicine. After reading extensively about the streams available through the program, I decided on DIY Diagnostics because it seemed… read more