Course Details

Course Details


Spring Semester:
(BIO 206L with BIO 102C) or
(CH 204 with CH 108)

Syllabus from Spring 2014


Fall Semester:
BIO 377, CH 369K, CS 378

Who is this stream for?

  • This is a young stream and you can help define what we do!
  • Science majors looking for computer experience
  • Computer Science majors looking for wet lab experience
  • Creative students comfortable with undefined open-ended projects

DIY Diagnostics student collecting water samples from Waller Creek.

DIY Diagnostics student collecting water samples from Waller Creek.

What will you do?

Students can expect to learn about the design process (how do I brainstorm innovative ideas that solve a problem in a new way?), biochemical detection (how do I develop a test that indicates the health of the patient?), interfacing with the virtual world (how do I make a website or app to interface the diagnostic output to a computer?), and machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence computer programming (how do I tap into the vast array of diagnostic and social data available on the web to improve my diagnostic outcome?).

Specific skills include but aren’t limited to:

  • Design theory
  • Culturing bacteria
  • PCR
  • qPCR
  • isothermal LAMP PCR
  • DNA extraction
  • DNA sequencing
  • App programming
  • Website development
  • Image processing
  • Electronics
  • Data storage and manipulation
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (coming soon)
  • Social network analyses (coming soon)
Contact Us

Contact Us

If you have any questions about what the stream is about or how to join, don’t hesitate to contact:

Dr. Tim Riedel
Research Educator
Office in Painter Hall
PAI 3.04N
(512) 232-8346 office